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Studio R(Live)

EXCLUSIVE: LIVE AT studioR 90 min

x Imagine!

Walk through a beautiful fairy tale medieval landscape, sniff scents of daisy flowers deep up your nose, thus sharpened your neural and auricular apparatus - distant birds hymns from beyond the meadows, tings come clear - you must be Disney Land.
Move, make your way along the tao.
Rumbling thunder, smoke appears, arpegiating sparkles lift,
like flying dolphins s o u n d s emerge.
A black and greasy gigantian centralized your field of vision.
Cindy and her band of men, too fame about her mission.
With ease she's built from melted steal, from lust and hunger, sweet and tears, consuming you, be part of cosmic dancing, a dance of universal empathy.

She's set on tete.

Sails fireworks and cyber glitter, angelic trombones, Grimes oboique Shaman squeak -
hails faithless words, and scooter trance, blast modular your mind away!

She's beautiful, yet still quite perky,
bout eighty moons of age, and smart as hell,
gone around the globe, and played with gods,
thus in the end of all she does,
That's mu[sic] what is must.